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Murtal Excursion

If you chose to spend a few days at romantic Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen in the Murtal region, we are delighted to take you on a special journey. A journey of discovery to special places of culture and unique impressions. Culture is not an outdated commodity but a thrilling experience.

Taking a look at the surroundings...


Distance: 5 min by car

Even though Judenburg looks small, it once served as the most important trading post between Venice and Vienna. This is why you will feel that Mediterranean charm everywhere on your cultural trip. By the way: At 76 metres the 500-year-old city tower is the tallest free-standing bell tower in Austria and offers a great 360-degree view. You also shouldn’t miss Austria’s most modern planetarium. And another tip: The city’s Parish Church, the city museum and, if you like it a little more secular, the Puch Museum are well worth a visit too!

...takes you on a hunt for ‘black gold’

The Fohnsdorf Mining Museum!

Distance: 8 min by car

Immerse yourself in the thrilling and dangerous world of the miners of yesteryear who used to dig for ‘black gold’ in the world’s deepest brown coal mine. An unbelievable 50 million tonnes of so-called bright coal was brought to the surface at this place. Let the guides explain to you how the historic, 3600 bhp twin tandem mining machine used to work and visit the subterranean show mine, among other things. An adventure that will make you understand the hard but essential life back then.

...shows the busy life of the venerable Benedictine monks

Seckau Abbey!

Distance: 20 min by car

Step through the gate and experience one of the most impressive Renaissance courtyards in Styria. The Benedictine monks have been living here since the 12th century and look back on a rich and eventful history. Learn about it while being guided through the fantastic rooms and the Basilica. Do not be startled but that also includes a trip to the Abbey’s schnapps distillery.

The laughter that can be heard in the Arcades during the week belongs to the students who come here to learn for life – in classrooms some of which are even equipped with Stucco ceilings.

... takes us to the home of the most famous horses in the world

The Piber Lipizzaner Stud!

Distance: 60 min by car

Some 50 minutes by car take you to a living, breathing part of Austrian culture, the home of the famous Lipizzaner horses in Piber.

Daily guided tours provide information on the character, breeding, rearing and history of these famous white horses that live here in this picturesque landscape, preparing for their big show at the Spanish Horse Riding School in Vienna.

The clumsy, mouse-grey foals that know little about how famous they will be one day are particularly cute.

...offers views of the city of red roofs


Distance: 60 min by car

Actually, one could stroll endlessly through the alleys with their charming houses and the many green inner courtyards. It is amazing how much culture and life can be felt in this young student city with historical charm. You should allow yourself at least one day and hike (or take the cable car or lift) up to the famous Schlossberg with Graz’s well-known landmark, “Uhrturm” (lit. clock tower). From up there you can enjoy amazing views of the world-famous red roofs of this city. Graz is also home to many museums – “Kunsthaus” (lit. house of art), for example, with its unique architecture and interesting exhibitions should not be missed under any circumstances. Another cultural aspect you should not leave without experiencing is the cosiness of Graz and its delicious inn and coffee house tradition. We promise: You will want to stay!

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