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A map to the cultural treasures of the Mur Valley

Murtal Excursion

The Murtal Valley has much more up its sleeve than its beautiful landscape, the hospitality of its inhabitants and the many products that make it a unique region of Styria. It’s also home to a whole range of treasures! Cultural treasures, to be precise. Every one of which is located in the immediate proximity of Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen.

Now they were all put together on a single card. Set out on an exiting and informative treasure hunt in the Mur Valley and collect stickers for every excursion to get your hands on a badge at the end of your “journey”. On top of that, a draw takes place every year for stickers handed in and wonderful prizes await the winners. The best prize of all, however is the tour across the Mur Valley itself.

What’s important for treasure hunters: Not all treasures have to be found in a single season. The card is valid for many years. Another good reason to come back!
The following is a brief list of all possibilities to explore the cultural beauty of the Mur Valley:

Oberzeiring show mine:

This place has a lot of stories to tell. About miners that used to be rich men, about a wide network of tunnels and crawl galleries that alone reach a length of 80 kilometres. Today visitors can view a small part of the mine where silver was mined extensively back in the day.

The VW Bug Museum in Gaal...

... is a Mecca for every VW Bug fan. Exhibits covering the birth and rebirth of what is perhaps the prettiest sphere on four wheels await you. For this legendary car must never be forgotten.

The Benedictine Abbey of Seckau...

...proves how modern and joyful life in ancient (and wonderfully restored) Abbey walls can be. The laughter of many students reverberating from the arcades, the monks distil their own schnapps and visitors are treated to an impressive church with masterful creations that celebrate the history of the Benedictine brotherhood.

The Agriculture Museum of the Mur Valley... Kobenz tells the story of many changes to agriculture in the region. From backbreaking manual labour to complex machinery it covers everything on 600 square metres of exhibition space. Its highlight are its many tractors that have all been restored with much attention to detail.

Mining in Fohnsdorf...

...used to be immensely dangerous and adventurous. Nowhere else in the world was anthracite mined deeper in the earth. Embark on an exciting treasure hunt in the footsteps of the miners of yesteryear.

The first Archaeological Museum...

...of upper Styria is located in Judenburg. Marvel at unique exhibits from Judenburg’s Strettweg district, the site where the famous “Strettweger Kulturwagen” was found. And, above all, view objects from the Hallstatt period that prove what high craftsmanship humans possessed some 2600 years ago!

Stadtmuseum Judenburg...

...Exhibits more than 8000 historical and folkloric objects, much more than 50,000 historical photographs and much, much more on the history of the people, crafts and buildings of Judenburg. Don’t miss its eight square metre replica of the entire city!

The Puch Museum in Judenburg... a must for members of the international Puch community. Today, these vehicles are experiencing a revival, just like the Pinzgauer and Haflinger trucks. Insiders know that the Formel Puch Baby, the fastest Puch with an original Haflinger engine, from 1962 is an absolute hoot. Back then, it lapped the former Österreich-Ring with a top speed of 207 km/h!

A world of precious stones...

...awaits you at Edelsteine Krampl in Weißkirchen. This gemstone processing company provides insights into a particularly beautiful world. Besides many other exciting things and an outstanding collection of crystals from around the world it also introduces you to the fascinating fluorescence of minerals when hit with ultraviolet light.

The Military Aviation Museum... the historic Hangar 8 of Hinterstoisser Air Base shows more than 25 Austrian Air Force planes on an area of 5000 square metres. Amateur mavericks listen up: Several flight simulators are waiting for you to show your talent.

The history of the railway in Knittelfeld... told in 16 themed rooms and 1200 square metres. Many visitors will be particularly impressed by the world’s largest railway worker hat collection which is lovingly restored and maintained by the museum as well as a functional switch from 1898!

The BÖF Carnival Museum...

...shows its visitors how Austrian carnival (“Fasching”) originated and presents customs and traditions on the topics of Shrove Tuesday, carnival and more. Sheet music written by Prof. Robert Stolz containing a melody dedicated to Graz’ Carnival Guild in 1973, deserves special attention.

The World of Milk...

...introduces its visitors into the history of dairy farming from its laborious beginnings to modern processing and production today. It furthermore explains what varieties of dairy products exist and how quality is assured.

Your personal Cultural Treasure Map is available at the reception of Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen!


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