23 January - 22 April

Exhibition "Paul Flora" at the Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen

Murtal Culture

In the course of the exhibition “Die SamMlung”, which can be seen in the Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen from January 23rd until April 2020, only art works by Paul Flora will be shown. In this collection, 200 original drawings by the artist have been collected, which allow you to get to know his range - especially of landscapes and urban spaces in their changing moods.

Paul Flora has remained true to his themes for many years. And it is surprising to see that no mesh has developed from it. Each art work is new, fresh, and takes on a different facet from the subject.
Venice in particular, has proven to be an inexhaustible subject for the artist. It forms the large stage, the prospectus, blurring in the fog and sinking into melancholy. In front of this, famous and less famous people meet, entangled in changing mask games and their constantly repeated request: "Lache Bajazzo!"

Die „SamMlung“

Paul Flora's art works form part of “Die SamMlung”. lit. “The Collection” was set up in various art centers from 2004 to 2011, with a focus on painting. Today, individual “editions” form an extensive, internationally wide-ranging art collection.

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