16 October - 31 December

Exhibition “The Brothers Wright” at the Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen

Murtal Culture

Seize this opportunity and trace the steps of “THE BROTHERS WRIGHT” to this earth-shattering event at this unique photo exhibition at Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen. The exhibition starts by October 2019.

2003 marked the 100th anniversary of an event that changed the world: On 17th December 1903, for the first time in human history, brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright managed to keep their motorized, steerable aircraft in the air for a short time after they had taken off from Kitty Hawk in North Carolina.

Today, on the brink of the second century of manned flight, with aircraft some of which are longer than the distance of 36 meters covered by Orville on his first flight, the legacy of these brothers from whose brilliant achievements we still benefit lives on in photographs.

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