Overnight stay at Schloss Gabelhofen

The Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen is an architectural masterpiece – twisty and mysterious, yet bright and spacious. The building is just as unique as each of its rooms. Antiques and fine fabrics characterize the essence of the hotel and make each room a place of regal comfort. The castle is similar to the ones that are owned by royal families and you have the opportunity to experience it.

The four towers

The four towers of the Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen were redesigned in a particularly elaborate and imaginative way during the renovation work. Hence, you will find the most modern and luxurious suites on several floors. The premises are connected by curved staircases by of oak. The atmosphere allows guests to experience 21st century hospitality with true royal flair.


Double room


Deluxe Double Room

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Junior Suite


Tower suite

Golf and enjoyment Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen

Golf and enjoyment